F5 added to Pop Rising (1.100.000+ followers)

Jasmine Sokko - F5 got added to the prestigious Pop Rising list on Spotify last week.
Pop Rising is considered the international Spotify playlist to statistically test tracks before they land on Today's Top Hits

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12+ Spotify adds for Jasmine Sokko - F5

The first single of the new Jasmine Sokko single "F5" gets massive support from Spotify in the first 2 weeks after release

The track was added by Spotify to Top Hits Singapore, Hot New Dance, Pop IRL, First Pop, It's a BOP, Indie Shuffle, 開車點唱機, New Music Friday Philippines, NL, New Music Friday Indonesia, New Music Friday 新歌快遞, New Music Friday 新歌熱播 and more!

CHOCO - Dinosaurs (ft. Nevve) added to 12+ playlists

Great Spotify support for "CHOCO - Dinosaurs (ft. Nevve)" in the first week after release.

Over 12+ Spotify owned playlist additions after 5 days.

The tracks was added to: 

New Music Friday Canada, Finland, Denmark and also to Left Of The Center, Weekly Buzz, New Music Now, De Nye, Weekendhygge, It's a BOP,  and many more..

160.000+ streams/24 hours for DOLF & Yellow Claw

Great Spotify support for "DOLF & Yellow Claw - Vertigo" on releaseday!

Over 20+ Spotify owned playlist additions on releaseday with a total playlist following of more than 7 million on releaseday and 160.000+ Spotify streams in 24 hours.

New Music Friday support in US, Canada, France, Deutschland, Denmark, NL, Sweden, Phillipines, Indonesia, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Schweiz and more.

Also added to:

Pop All Day, Yeni: Danse, Weekly Buzz, Hot New Dance Tracks, Time To Dance, New Music Now, friday cratediggers, and many more..

14+ playlist adds for "Nuschi - With You (ft. Maia Wright)"

Out now, Nuschi - With You (ft. Maia Wright

The track was added by Spotify to New Music Friday Germany, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Ny Pop, On Point, Viral Hits Canada, Hot New Dance, New Music Now, Dance Brandneu, Hit Don't Lie, Time To Dance and more..

There You Are, out now

Out now, Colin Chase - There You Are

The track was added by Spotify to New Music Friday US, Canada, Weekly Buzz, New Music Now, Brand New, Time To Dance, New Pop Sounds, Hot New Dance Tracks, Nousussa, New Dance Beats and more..

100.000+ streams for "Chad Cooper - Happy Song" on releaseday.

Great Spotify support for Happy Song on releaseday!
Happy Song was streamed over 100.000 times in 48 hours.

The track was added to New Music Friday Deutschland, Denmark, France, Italy, NL, Sweden, Norway, Axwell Weekend Weapons, Steve Aoki's - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, Get Your Hits, Hits Don't Lie, De Nye, SMIL!, Sunday Funday together and many more..